Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bina007's Top Eight Moments in Cinema, 2006

Not the best performances or best movies but the eight moments that made me want to shout out Hallelujah! for the power of cinema.

8. Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan doing Al Pacino impressions at the end of
A COCK AND BULL STORY. Pure comedy genius.

7. The sheer horror when you realise exactly what the contestants will have to do in TZAMETI

6. The opening credits for JUNEBUG. Two people making out to Harmour Love by Syreeta - as close to a non-cynical warm fuzzy moment as I'm going to get inside a movie theatre.

5. Philip Seymour Hoffman kicking the crap out of Tom Cruise in

4. The opening free-running sequence in
DISTRICT 13. Casino-Royale-lovers should take note: this is how you do exhilerating chase scenes.

3. A depressed Romain Duris singing along to Kim Wilde's 80s pop hit Cambodia in
DANS PARIS. Made me want to dig out those old cassettes.

2. The big band parade during the New York Brown Out in
SHORTBUS. Pure community bonding and happiness. You just don't often see happiness depicted well on screen - it often just looks smug and banal.

1. England winning the World Cup Final in
SIXTY SIX. What honest Englishman wouldn't tear up at that? I was crying like a baby.

*I couldn't find a whole ten despite reviewing 352 movies this year...

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