Wednesday, January 03, 2007

IT'S A BOY-GIRL THING isn't helping my case

I have rather a soft spot for teen comedies, much to the hilarity of my serious movie-going friends. IT'S A BOY-GIRL THING is not helping my case any. From the writer of the schmaltzy, formulaic romantic-comedy, KINKY BOOTS, comes another teen comedy that is bland and unfunny to the point of frustration. Think of it as a sort of FREAKY FRIDAY for The OC generation. Samaire Armstrong plays the chick who protests too much and the boorish bloke is played by Kevin Zegers in what must be the biggest career reversal since Ed Norton starred in DEATH TO SMOOCHY. Definitely one to avoid.

IT'S A BOY-GIRL THING was released in the UK on Boxing Day. It opens in the Netherlands on Valentine's Day 2007 and in Belgium on July 4th.

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