Saturday, April 07, 2007

THE LAST MIMZY - sci-fi thriller, ET rip-off

In a future sponsored by a certain well-known microchip maker, humans are becoming extinct. Thanks to our fondness for environmental degradation, our DNA has mutated and we need old-school unsullied DNA. So our future selves decide to send back emmissaries to the current world in the shape of........a stuffed rabbit. And they decide to send this important message not to a rocket scientist but to........a little girl whose elder brother happens to have a science teacher who knows kung-fu, I mean, meditation. Yes, yes, ladies and the gentlemen, when Whitney Houston told us that The Children Were The Future she was in earnest. So we all need to love our families, be nice to bugs and respect our holistic selves and all will be well.

Such is the message of this bloated, meandering children's film. It takes half an hour for the kids to move on from doing cool tricks with their alien toys and start doing plot-related shit like blacking out Seattle. At which point the movie morphs from a dull kids flick to a bizarre episode of 24, wherein the family are holed up by Homeland Security. And then, we have an ET-style rush to save the world.

This is all deeply odd and you get the feeling that the director, Bob Shaye, didn't really have a handle on the project. I would be interested to hear from parents as to whether their kids lasted the two hours - the ankle-biters I took were bored during the long build-up and rather adult middle section. From an adult point of view the story was just too baggy and too ludicrous to hold my attention (note, I actually like ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES so I am not usually averse to nonsense). Moreover, the adult actors were phoning in their performances.

Not, then, one for the DVD collection.

THE LAST MIMZY is on release in Canada, the UK and the US. It opens in Singapore, Belgium and France in April; in Iceland in May; in Finland and Argentina in June; and in Turkey and Germany in August 2007.

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