Sunday, July 01, 2007

SHUTTER - like a Thai Ju-On

SHUTTER is a scary-ass Thai horror film. Two college kids are driving home from a mate's wedding and accidentally run over a young woman. Instead of stopping to help, the boyfriend - a photographer - urges his girlfriend to keep on driving. After that, perhaps as manifestations of their guilty consciences, images of the dead girl show up in his photos and they both feel that her gruesome spirit is stalking her. It's nuts and bolts spooooooky horror: lots of "jump out of your skin" moments even though there is nothing radical or pioneering here save the fact that this is a Thai rather than Japanese movie. Recommended for regulation scares but it also works as a thriller with a satisfying revelation near the end. And yes, there is a Hollywood re-hash scheduled for next year, natch.

SHUTTER was released in Thailand back in 2004 and his since been released in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Brazil, Mexio, Japan, Italy and Argentina. It is currently on release in the UK and is available on Region 1 DVD.

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