Sunday, August 19, 2007

LICENSE TO WED saps my precious bodily fluids

If you watch it backwards, it has a plotJesus Tap-Dancing Christ! Do these people realise that it is a PRIVILEGE to be able to make a movie? That thousands of imaginative, talented kids DREAM of these kind of production budgets and distribution deals? Do these guys even know the aggregate economic output WASTED by all us poor fools who've had to PAY to have our precious bodily fluids sapped by this creepy little TURD of a movie?

Be very clear. This movie sucks ass. This should not be a surprise. The writers have written nothing of note before. The director has done some TV and that's it. The plot is basically empty. Two blandly beautiful kids have to attend "Reverend Frank's" pre-marital counselling class before he'll marry them. In other words, this is a vehicle for Robin Williams' peculiar brand of brash, irritating, re-hashed humour. And, personally, I haven't found Williams funny since 1987.

LICENSE TO WED is on already polluting mutliplex screens in the US, Greece, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Australia, Hong Kong, Malysia, New Zealand, Mexico, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Singapore, Belgium, Egypt, France, Argentina and Italy. It opens next weekend in Germany, Brazil and Iceland. It sleazes its way into Israel and Japan in September and into Norway in October 2007.

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