Friday, January 18, 2008

Crimes Against Cinema 1: P.S. I LOVE YOU

Woefully unfunny, cringeworthy when it attempts to be romantic: P.S. I LOVE YOU defines all that is piss-poor in the rom-com genre. Hilary Swank is hopelessly miscast as an uptight American widow who travels to Ireland on the say-so of her dead husband and finds a new love. The concept of a woman being directed by her dead lover is plain weird for a start, and when it's not being creepy it's being irritatingly mawkish. Just because you can play drama does not mean you can play comedy, and Swank is unsympathetic in a role that even Jennifer Aniston might have made something of. Gerard Butler of 300 fame may well have been fine in his role but I was too busy feeling embarassed for him to notice. This movie is to heart-warming feel-good movies what salmonella was to Edwina Currie's political career.

P.S. I LOVE YOU was released in the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Ireland, the USA and Australia in 2007. It is currently on release in South Korea, Brazil, Estonia and the UK. It opens in Greece, Germany and Norway in January and opens in Finland, Belgium, Egypt, France, Sweden, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkey and Argentina in February. It opens in Italy on March 7th 2008.


  1. lol, I love this review! :) Thanks for the giggle. Seems we were on the same page.

  2. Indeed. I think we are also in the company of most critics!