Tuesday, April 22, 2008

U ME AUR HUM - The Notebook meets Away From Her, but infinitely lower quality

Piss-poor Bollywood flick from first-time director but major-wattage actor, Ajay Devgan. Devgan has crafted a career combining cheesy blockbusters and intelligent classics like OMKARA and RAINCOAT. Sadly, this film is definitely in the former camp. The first half has Devgan playing a sleazy psychiatrist who tricks a goody-goody cruise-ship waitress into falling in love with him. The rom-com is thick on schmaltz and broad, crude attempts at humour. We also get the obligatory dance track of little musical merit featuring scantily clad white chicks gyrating wildly.The rap video shooting style permeates the non-musical scenes. The whole thing is framed by a clumsy device in which a much older Devgan is sleazing on to a much older Kajol (for yes, he has cast himself opposite his real life wife.) The second half of the movie does a U-turn from rom-com into serious issues movie, insofar as the female love interest developes Alzheimer's disease. This attempt at earnest emotional drama is clumsily handled but, I suppose, laudable. Presumably it will kill the movie's chances at the Hindi box office.

U ME AUR HUM is on release in the UK, India and the US.

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  1. Agreed that this movie was trash. Nice to read one review that says so.