Thursday, December 11, 2008

TRANSPORTER 3 - blissfully camp!

TRANSPORTER 3 is sheer genius. It's the B-movie action thriller shorn of anything extraneous - sensible plot, character development - shot like a car commercial on steroids and featuring the campest action hero since CONAN. Jason Statham is becoming as iconic as Michael Caine - another actor who plays the same accent and the same implacable diffidence in every single movie - another actor whose unconventional looks apparently rule him out as a sex symbol. Statham's career is a beacon of hope for all men and all actors!

In TRANSPORTER 3 it's business as usual. "Frank" is our hero - a terse driver who delivers "packages" against all odds. Within the first twenty minutes, a car has been driven into his house containing a (allegedly) hot Ukrainian chick. Frank has to deliver her to Budapest. If he wanders more than 75 metres from his car he blows up. It's a superb conceit because it creates ever more ridiculous chase scenes and fight scenes. See Frank beat up eight men WITH HIS SUIT! See Frank chase down a speeding Audi ON A KID'S BIKE! Pure Action Gold.

TRANSPORTER 3 is on release in France, the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, India and the UK. It opens next week in Belgium and Brazil; on December 19th in Estonia; on December 31st in Egypt; on January 1st in Singapore; on January 8th in Germany and South Korea; on January 16th in Poland; on January 23rd in Romania; on February 5th in Australia and on February 26th in the Czech Republic.

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