Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A COMPLETE HISTORY OF MY SEXUAL FAILURES - self-pitying, over-hyped bilge

Chris Waitts is a scruffy, unemployed, emotionally callow thirty-something who lives in a cesspit of an apartment and has impotence problems. And yet, this self-pitying fool is so flummoxed as to why he doesn't have a girlfriend that he makes a documentary, interviewing his ex'es to find out why. Clearly he's aiming for that love-able idiot persona - look at me! I'm a mess, but boyishly, charmingly so! I'm not buying it. I'm also not buying the movie. The interviews are actually pretty short and feel exploitative. The rest of the time, Waitts explores sexual fetishes/pharma's in order to get over his impotence. It smacks of a desperate attempt to get cheap laughs - notably the scene where he wanders the streets of London asking random chicks to have sex with him after he ODs on Viagra. Why this flick generated such hype is beyond me. It's not raw, honest and funny but semi-staged and embarrassing.

A COMPLETE HISTORY OF MY SEXUAL FAILURES played Sundance 2008 where it was nominated for the Grand Jury prize but lost to TROUBLE THE WATER. It opened in the UK and Finland last year, in Spain earlier this year and opens in France on May 6th.

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