Sunday, April 19, 2009

SYDNEY WHITE - paint by numbers teen comedy

SYDNEY WHITE is a harmless, mediocre, teen rom-com vehicle for Amanda Bynes, who I typically like but is not stretching herself here. The movie is not so much a contemporary re-telling of the Snow White story as a conventional rom-com with a few casual links to the fairy-tale. Bynes plays the eponymous heroine, who goes to her dead mother's alma mater and tries to join her sorority for sentimental reasons. When the bitch in charge rejects her out of jealousy - because Bynes may be a comic book reading geek but, hey, she still looks good in a mini-dress - Bynes takes refuge in a house full of losers. And, as in movies such as OLD SCHOOL, THE HOUSE BUNNY and ACCEPTED she transforms the geeks into popular kids, through sheer vim and vigour.

All of which is so much derivative, lazy, nonsense. Normally, I'd say that Bynes' charm elevated the material and made it watchable, but this stuff is getting tired and Bynes needs to move on.

SYDNEY WHITE was released in 2007 and is available on DVD.

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