Wednesday, March 03, 2010


DOGGING: A LOVE STORY is the debut feature from British director Simon Ellis, with a screenplay from Brock Norman Brock - the man who wrote one of the best films of 2009 - BRONSON. Despite the deliberately provocative title, and plenty of night-vision footage of random Geordies having sex in parked cars while voyeurs look on, or are invited in, the movie itself is rather banal. Clueless wannabe journalist Dan (Luke Treadaway - BROTHERS OF THE HEAD) tries to write an expose of this seamy social activity, egged on by his lecherous flat-mate Rob (Richard Riddell). There's a bit of voyeurism and fumbling internet chat before loser Dan finally meets up with the equally dim-witted Laura (Kate Heppell). The film-makers presumably wanted to subvert the prurient subject-matter with a rather naive love story, but neither the top-shelf antics of the doggers nor the drippy nascent romance seem particularly believable or interesting. There's some low level black comedy as voyeurs praise the suspension of a knackered car in which a couple are going gangbusters on the back seat. And a passing attempt at emotional drama in the relationship between Laura and her concerned father. Other than that, I suspect this film will be best remembered for having passed over an audition from Robert Pattinson. Out of the car park and into the celibate teen vampire flick!

DOGGING: A LOVE STORY aka PUBLIC SEX was released in the US in October 2009 and in the UK on December 26th 2009. It is available on DVD and iTunes.

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