Tuesday, September 12, 2006

LIFE AND LYRICS - Disney goes to Streatham

LIFE AND LYRICS is a low-budget British movie that tries to Keep it Real but ends up looking like a fairy-tale. Which is a shame, because it features a talented young cast and has considerable visual style. But strip away the Urban setting and Yoof sound-track and all you're left with is a weakly-scripted melodrama. Poor boy wants to be a music producer. He must battle with evil rich producer at an 8-MILE style rap contest. He beds the producers posh girlfriend. He has an endearing best friend who wants to find his estranged mum. The message seems to be that when you wish upon a star, you too will get a record contract. Stupid, incredible (literally it is not credible that the character would do this) stuff happens in the final fifteen minutes. It's a tremendous shame and I certainly hope that these actors get a chance to star in something with a narrative arc that makes sense.

LIFE AND LYRICS is released in the UK on September 29th.

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