Friday, September 07, 2007

RUN FATBOY RUN - save yourself 10 quid and just watch the trailer...

....coz all the laughs and the entire plot of this schmaltzy rom-com are contained therein.

True, Simon Pegg did co-write and star in RUN FATBOY RUN but his mojo has evidently been diluted by the writing "talents" of Michael Ian Black (Reno 911 - 'nuff said) and the incipient directing "talents" of David "Ross" Schwimmer. The story is derivative and stretched thin. Pegg plays a loser who walked out on his pregnant fiancee (Thandie Newton) five years ago. In the present day, he enters a marathon in order to win her back from her new rich American boyfriend (Hank Azaria). The only saving grace is Dylan Moran in a Black Books'esque role as Pegg's best friend. Cameos by David Walliams and Stephen Merchant are utterly wasted. Also, why is it every London-based investment banker in a US financed movie works in the Swiss Re tower?

RUN FATBOY RUN is on release in the UK and opens in the US on October 26th 2007.

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