Monday, September 10, 2007

Oslo's so nice my enjoyment of it has been completely unimpaired by watching THE BEST MAN

Norway's a great country, especially when contrasted with the malfunctional war-zone that is Heathrow Terminal 4. Everything is well designed and built of solid wood by people who had a degree of professional pride. There's some beautiful architecture, a thriving jazz scene, and money to be made (hence my trip.) But there are also a bunch of cinemas. Now, the only film I hadn't seen of the many that were playing was THE BEST MAN. It's only when I got back to my room and onto IMDB that I realised the reason: THE BEST MAN went straight to video in the US and UK. No surprise. This is a truly lame-ass romantic-comedy. Seriously, it makes RUN FATBOY RUN look like WHEN HARRY MET SALLY.

The script is shite. Pure unadulterated cliche. Sweet girl is getting hitched to slimy yuppie. His best mate is a nice sensitive guy. The bride to be and the best mate fall for each other. The wacky side-kick engineers funny situations in which the bride realises what a sleaze-bag the yuppie is. Oh, and she also has a spiky best friend so everyone can couple up at the end. Unbelievable, unfunny. Just the worst. So, when I say that the actors are largely uninspired this is no real criticism. Still even here, we have a scale. Steve John Shepherd is at one end with a truly wooden performance as the yuppie. Amy Smart and Stuart "Coulda Been Aragorn" Townsend are fine as the bride and best man respectively. But the only actors displaying any real comic timing are Kate Ashfield (SHAUN OF THE DEAD) and Seth Green - who we all knew was a comedy genius anyways.

What else remains? Well, it's nice to see a London-set film where people hang out in Soho and drink lager rather than poncing round the Swiss Re tower.

THE BEST MAN opened in Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Spain and Israel in 2006 and went straight to DVD in the US. It is currently showing in Norway.

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