Tuesday, October 02, 2007

KENNY - hysterical Aussie mockumentary

KENNY is an absolutely hysterical movie! I started laughing embarassingly loudly during the opening credits and didn't stop for the near 2 hour run-time. The best part is that the movie didn't have to resort to gross-out comedy or laughing *at* people. It actually has a lot of heart and a lot of intelligence. Kenny may be a unique character, but we're laughing with him at the supposedly normal 80% of people who make up this world.

The film is a mockumentary about a middle-aged divorced Aussie called Kenny. He works for a company that supplies portaloos for big parties, music festivals and the like. He's a really great character: down-to-earth, honest, friendly, accommodating, but never a victim. We follow Kenny as he goes about his business, hangs out with his family and even visits an expo in Nashville after his first-ever plane ride. Some of his family regard him as a loser because he spends his life plumbing in toilets, but Kenny's just fine with his life. He has a job he's good at and people he likes working with. His self-assurance is part of his charm - as is his colourful description of the muppets and monkeys that inhabit our world. Really, he's the kind of guy most of us wouldn't rate highly if we met him in passing - but once you spend some time with him, you realise that he's a genuinely admirable guy. I guess that's the moral of the film.

So kudos to Clayton and Shaun Jacobson, who co-wrote, directed and star in the movie, for making one of the funnier and more uplifting films of the year.

KENNY was released in Australia last year and is currently on release in the UK.

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