Friday, October 19, 2007

London Film Fest Day 3 - INTERVIEW

INTERVIEW is another teeeeee-dious drama from actor-director Steve Buscemi. Once again, he features self-pitying, narcissistic people doing not particularly interesting stuff.

INTERVIEW is a two-hander between Sienna Miller's teen idol, Katya, and Buscemi's cynical journalist, Pierre. Sienna plays a character close to home, known more for who she fucks than who she plays. Buscemi is a failed Washington hack and failed husband nursing grim secrets and a superior attitude for all things Superficial. Pierre patronises Katya. She spends the next hour and a half running rings around him in her loft apartment. They both swing from fascination to hatred to contempt with alarming and incredible alacrity. And in the end we have seen some cutting one-liners, some apparent revelations, more proof that Miller can actually act, but nothing of any substance.

All of which left me wondering "Why?", as at the end of the LIFF screening of LONESOME JIM two years ago. Why was this film ever made? As a memorial to Theo Van Gogh, who directed the Dutch original, apparently. I don't see how translating his work into this insular little film does any good.

INTERVIEW played Sundance, Berlin, Cannes and London 2007. It has already been on release in the Netherlands, the US, Belgium, Frnace, Morocco, Tunisia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, Slovenia, Turkey and Romania. It opens in Norway and the UK on November 2nd and in Ireland and Malta on November 9th. It opens in Spain on January 4th.

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