Friday, March 28, 2008

Dullard DVD of the month - GOOD LUCK CHUCK

GOOD LUCK CHUCK is a piss-poor romantic comedy starring alleged stand up comedian Dane Cook and the not unattractive Jessica Alba. The set-up is ridiculous. Dane Cook plays a man who has been cursed. If a woman sleeps with him, she is bound to marry the next guy she dates. Apparently, this leads lots of credulous women to offer themselves to him, just so they can end up married - an absurd, and borderline misogynistic premise. Cook's character then meets a pretty girl played by Jessica Alba and has to work out how to date her, but stop marrying the next guy she meets.

Director Mark Helfrich eschews verbal witticisms in favour of physical humour. Now I have nothing against slapstick but this stuff is obvious and neither Cook nor Alba have the talent to pull it off. Neither do they have the chemistry to pull of a rom-com. As for Cook's comedy side-kick, Dan Fogler, that actor is rapidly becoming the Rob Schneider of his generation. Definitely one to avoid.

GOOD LUCK CHUCK was released in Autumn 2007 and is now available on DVD.

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  1. Dane Cook started off as a stand up comedian; now he's starring in movies with Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudsen...