Wednesday, August 27, 2008

IN MEMORY OF ME / IN MEMORIA DI ME - the movie that Satan's Alley spoofs

I desperately wanted to like IN MEMORY OF ME and there are many reasons I should've done. I am a Roman Catholic who struggles with faith but regularly goes on retreat so I should've empathised with the subject matter. What could be more fascinating than a clever young man forsaking material gain to become a Jesuit seminarian - forced, in the silence of the cloisters, to confront the real nature of his faith and the true meaning of life? IN MEMORY OF ME had another claim on my time: director Saverio Costanzo was allowed to film the story inside the famous palladian church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. I am interested in architecture, and the chance to see previously off-limits parts of the building sensitively photographed was a treat.

There is no doubt that IN MEMORY OF ME is beautifully shot, patiently told and well-acted. It is an earnest film that deals with profound questions of sexuality, faith and obedience. The problem is that there is a limit to how long I can stay interested in the inner struggles of men who are, largely, silent and inscrutable. It also didn't help that I had the Tobey Magure/Robert Downey Junior spoof film add for SATAN'S ALLEY running through my head on continuous loop!

IN MEMORY OF ME played Berlin and Toronto 2007 and was released in Italy and the UK last year. It was released in France, Belgium and the Netherlands earlier this year and is currently available on DVD.

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