Monday, January 26, 2009

POSTAL - Crude political satire from Raging Boll

The almost comically terrible German director Uwe Boll is better known for his critically derided adaptations of video games, and for his Raging Boll, challenge to critics to "put up or shut up". Still, there's no denying the man is clever - if only at self-publicity - apparently he has a PhD in Literature! POSTAL is another of these low production values-poor taste flicks. The plot is ludicrous and overtly politically crass. A small-town hick and his Cult Leader Uncle hijack a shipment of porn dolls that Bin Laden (oh yes) has infected with biological weapons. In a serious of plot developments too ludicrous to explain, Uwe Boll gets kicked in the nuts, Verne Troyer gets raped by a thousand monkeys the hicks take on Al Qaeda, George W Bush bombs places and Bin Laden looks to him for protection.

It's all very crude and, I'm ashamed to admit, sporadically very very funny. Nonetheless, it's nowhere near tightly enough written to merit it's own marketing tagline, "Like a live action South Park".

HIJACK played Frightfest 2007 and was released in Fall 2007 and Spring 2008. It's available on DVD.

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