Monday, January 12, 2009

SEX DRIVE - piss-poor alleged comedy aimed firmly at the horny teen demographic.

SEX DRIVE is the kind of film that makes me grateful that I grew up laughing cheekily at flicks like FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH and WEIRD SCIENCE - teen comedies that actually bothered to develop characters and crack jokes rather than just string together a bunch of boob shots, jizz jokes and gay taunts. Seriously, debut writer-director Sean Anders should be ashamed of having put together such a lazy, derivative movie. There are no laugh-out-loud moments. No deep and abiding truths. No flashes of sentimentality underneath all the crass vulgarity.

The plot, for what it's worth, sees a geeky, horny teen called Ian (Josh Zuckerman) steal a sweet car from his elder brother (James Marsden) and drive cross country to bang a chick he met on line. He takes along his highly sexed best friend Lance (Clark Duke) and best friend Felicia (Amanda Crew). On route, they encounter the regulation slack-jawed yokels and, why not?!, horny Amish people. The only truly comedic performance is from Seth Green.

SEX DRIVE was released in 2008 in the Netherlands, Iceland, the US, Belgium, Greece, Australia, the Philippines, Thailand, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, Turkey and Estonia. It is currently on release in Croatia, Argentina and the UK. It goes on release in Brazil on January 16th; in New Zealand on February 5th; in the Czech Republic on March 12th; in Slovakia on March 19th; and in Germany on March 26th.

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