Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Soon we'll be sliding down the razor blade of life

To all those who have been kind enough to read the reviews posted on this blog over the past five years - who have put up with the hastily penned diatribes - the typos - the random rants - the inarticulate, breathless praise of the unexpected masterpiece - it is with great regret that I am writing to tell you that I have decided to stop posting reviews on this blog.

This blog started off as a way of answering my friends who asked what I thought of the recent releases. I never imagined it would have a readership beyond that group. Since then, I have thoroughly enjoyed having some sliver of a justification for the hours spent in the cineplex. However, it has been some years since I have worked professionally in the film industry and the pressures of my real life day job as a greedy capitalist bastard have started to take their toll. Indeed, I am now in a position not just to lose my clients' money but to do tangible damage more widely. Therefore, I have decided to focus on not fucking up in real life.

The choice I face is to review movies sporadically, days after release, rather than every single day, weeks before release. I have come to the conclusion that doing the latter will add little value given the haze of opinion already littering the internet. Moreover, I'll just feel bad for not posting more regularly.

So, essentially, this is goodbye.....for now, at least. Unless, any budding cineaste out there wants to take over at the helm? If so, contact me at mexalexandros@hotmail.com.

Over and out,


  1. Randy Andy6/4/10 7:01 PM

    Godspeed and kudos on a job so well done!

  2. God bless you Randy Andy. And all who sail in you!

  3. this is genuinely sad,perusing this site is something i look forward to,especially on those down days.

    alas its been excellent company,and i sure hope you find time in the future to come back and write for us,in the meantime enjoy the vacation :)

  4. Even though I totally get where you are coming from, I really think you should give reviewing a film after x no. of days or weeks a shot. Really, as fans of your rants, the timestamp matters little. Have always read your reviews after I have seen the flick and formed my own op, considering yours are so fiercely personal and well argued.

    Really don't want to pressurise you or anything, just saying that it doesn't have to be a total, abrupt goodbye. Such a whiny stalker of a fan you have here lol! Will miss your writings regardless (God knows I have seldom hated and loved someone so much just on the force of their argument haha). As Big Chris said, "It's been emotional".

  5. Hi Al, I'm glad you've enjoyed it - as I have also enjoyed your occasional contributions! If you want to simultaneously post here too in the meanwhile, do let me know :-) One of the nicest things about writing this blog is that I've been able to meet people interested in film from all over the world.

    Hi Karana, that's so sweet of you to say - and I'm really pleased you've been amused by typically ad hominem angry attacks on cinematic dross! So we'll see how it goes, but you've given me some food for thought regarding the timestamp issue.....It really HAS been emotional. I didn't realise how much I was committed to this little sideline until I decided I just couldn't do it anymore. I feel rather sad about it. And as I sad to Al, if you ever want to simultaneously post here, just let me know :-) All the best, Bina.

  6. I could cry. Seriously.

  7. am genuinely saddened to hear you're finishing on the blog. I have read your reviews for many years now & (as one of the other posts says) I have always looked forward to hearing your point of view.

    It's clear you're a true film critic & can always hold your head up high in the knowledge that what you produced puts most so-called professionals in the shade of your talent.

    I'm really going to miss these reviews of yours. I hope your employers know how lucky they are for you to make such a sacrifice for them.

    Best wishes to you & once again, from all of us who've enjoyed your blog, thank you.

  8. @ Marina. I'm so sorry, but thanks for your support over the years :-)

    @ Anonymous. Thanks for your very kind message too. My employers don't know - indeed, have never known - hence the pseudonym

  9. To add to the others, I'll very much miss your reviews, Bina. I always look to see if you've reviewed a film before I see it, though I don't always agree with you. ;) I also enjoy reading your reviews regardless of whether I have seen, am going to see, or have no intention of seeing said film! So I hope you do keep posting, even sporadically. I'll be keeping your page in my favourites in that hope.


  10. Thanks, Graham! I really appreciate your kind words :-) Bina.

  11. I'll throw my pennies in here. As a long time reader and very briefly, a contributor (as Mr. Flint), this site has been quite important a stop on the internet, for reviews, recommendations and a shared loved of cinema. I wish you the best in the world of capitalism and hope you'll occasionally return to write. I'm in full agreement with paying no attention to the time stamps and I appreciate your reviews of old and obscure movies as much as the mainstream dross.

    Sadly I too am at a particularly key point of the capitalist rat race or I'd offer to take up some posting duties. All the best.

  12. Hi Bina

    Truly sorry for the belated comment but - whoa... am gutted you're movin on from blogging. Sure we rarely agree on films but I've always enjoyed your thoughts and hey... we'll always have Straight Heads!?

    Here's to when/if ever you decide to return!?

  13. @Tomiwa/Mr Flint - Thanks for your wishes - and if you ever swing by London on capitalist duties look me up! Who can ever forget the review of the most interestingly titled film - Wristcutters A Love Story!

    @Matt A - at least we agree on the most important stuff e.g. the greatness of Spurs!