Tuesday, October 24, 2006

ANGOSTO or LA NOCHE DE LOS GIRASOLLES - what's Spanish for "yawn"?

ANGOSTO takes the move out of movie. It's apparently a Spanish thriller but it contained no thrills. Just a laborious, semi-clever but rather predictable plot, some nice photography on location among deserted Spanish villages and some fair acting. The story is that a raped woman's avenging husband skewers the wrong old man. A bent local cop agrees to get them off but his aged father-in-law is a hound-dog for the truth. This story is eked out over two hours and artificially split up into different segments. We see the story from the point of view of different characters, getting a little more back story each time and sometimes circling back over the same time code. I assume this narrative structure was designed to give us insight into the specific local customs and build up our sympathies with each of the characters. I just lost patience. This is one festival-circuit favourite that came across as more hype less substance.

ANGOSTO or LA NOCHE DE LOS GIRASOLLES opened in Spain in August and played Venice and London 2006. I have no clue if it will get a cinematic release any time soon in the UK.

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