Friday, October 27, 2006

IN THE PIT/EN EL HOYO - laughs not social commentary

IN THE PIT is a documentary film about a bunch of Mexican construction workers building a new flyover in Mexico City. The work is filthy, dangerous and ill-paid. It is also ill-lit, badly photographed and badly organised. The only - and by far sufficient - reason to watch this movie is that it features a bunch of brilliant characters. The workers have a fantastic sense of humour, if filthy, and there ruminations of life, money and love are funny and occasionally insightful. To that end, the doc probably falls short of its aspirations to social commentary. It's also the sort of doc that can be happily seen on DVD. Barring a bravura helicopter shot of the flyover for the last five minutes of the doc, there is nothing that requires a big screen. The only final thing to say is that the doc has an awesome sound design with dance music and new compositions mimicking the sound of the construction site.

IN THE PIT played London 2006 and opened in Mexico in Summer 2006.

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