Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random DVD round-up 4 - PRETTY PERSUASION *

PRETTY PERSUASION is a weak-ass attempt at the kind of satire of social and political mores that HEATHERS and ELECTION pulled off with great style. It wastes the talents of Evan Rachel Wood as a sexually precocious, cynical fifteen-year old who is willing to set up her sleazy school teacher on sexual harrassment charges just to get revenge on her boyfriend-stealing best friend and break into TV. There are also wasted performances from James Woods - who provides the only real belly-laughs as the girl's ranting racist lawyer father - Jane Krakowski as the lesbian local TV reporter, Ron Livingston as the teacher and Selma Blair as his girlfriend. The film is a lot less clever and biting than it needs to be to sustain the conceit and the run-time. A noble effort, but a sheer waste of 110 minutes.

PRETTY PERSUASION played Sundance 2005 and was released in the US in 2005 and in the UK in August. It is available on Region 1 and 2 DVD.

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  1. i felt impressed the first time i watched it,but second time around i begin to notice how empty the film was-and i agree-it wastes the talent of the lead performer,and does not really qualify as a good film.