Tuesday, June 26, 2007


MY BOLLYWOOD BRIDE takes all the worst elements of Bollywood romances and grafts them onto an American style teen-romance. Jason Lewis (Sex and the City) plays a not unattractive American writer who falls for an Indian girl (Kashmira Shah) in LA. He follows her back to Mumbai only to discover that she is a huge move star with a mogul (Gulshan Grover) for a fiance. Is anyone going to be surprised to discover that love conquers all? The movie looks fine, and there is some honesty in dealing with Indian arranged marriages and the bent movie business. However, there are SERIOUS flaws: twee voice-over, wooden acting from the two leads, excruciating dialogue and the most painful rap song since Ice Ice Baby. Definitely one to avoid.

MY BOLLYWOOD BRIDE was released in India in March 2007 and in the US on June 8th. It's available on DVD.

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  1. I saw the film and disagree. I do agree that it is a simple romantic comedy. That it has great visuals and some very fine production values. However, I do not agree that movie crafts the worst elements. In fact, the film pays homage to the Bollywood and Hollywood romatic film comedies in a funny manner making it quite clear the film makes fun of itself in some hillariuos ways! You must have not noticed the clues...but this movie was made to tease us about the very thing you suggest is the worst of Bollywood and Hollywood. That my friend, was the point!
    Kashmira Shah and Jason Lewis look amamzing and are both very attractive to watch on screen together.