Wednesday, November 14, 2007

KRRISH - state of the art Bollywood action flick

If you want to see the future of Bollywood, look no further than KRRISH - a slick, handsomely produced super-hero franchise that can rival anything Hollywood has to offer. Hrithik Roshan has watched Asian and Western action movies and sub-sumed the best of all worlds into a superlatively made movie that has the capacity to cross-over.

KRRISH is nominally the sequel to the sci-fi flick, KOI MIL GAYA. In that film, Hrithik Roshan played a disabled man called Rohit Mehra who is actually exceptionally gifted. Those gifts are unlocked when he and his love interest, played by Preity Zinta, discover an ET like alien called Jadoo. In KRRISH we fast forward twenty years. Rohit's son, Krishna Mehra, has inherited his special powers, but is living in seclusion with his grandmother (Rekha), after the death of his parents. He is lured to Singapore by a love interest (Priyanka Chopra) and creates a super-hero alter-ego called KRRISH. He battles against an evil super-villain, Dr Arya (Naseerudin Shah).

The first hour of the film is a classic, formulaic Hindi love story between Krishna and Priya. But the second hour sees the emergence of Krrish and wire-fu stunt choreography the like of which has never been seen in Hindi cinema. Hrithik Roshan has obviously been training hard and he has obviously hired the best technicians available, not least, Tony Ching Siu of HERO and THE CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER fame. The final hour is pure Superman style good versus evil stuff. Enormous fun and brilliantly executed.

KRRISH went on global release in 2006 and is now available on DVD.

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