Wednesday, September 02, 2009

THE FINAL DESTINATION: 3D - Freakin Hilarious!

THE FINAL DESTINATION: 3D is not a movie. It doesn't really have a plot. It's just a silly, flimsy framework for hilarious, cinematic, set-piece, 3-dimensional deaths - and in that limited way it's a huge success.

Sure, if we'd seen the 2D version we've have been hugely disappointed. The film really was very, very dumb. But the 3D made it absolutely fantastic. I laughed raucously all the way through. There's nothing funnier than seeing a trailer-trash NASCAR fan getting her entire body crushed by a flying 12-valve petrol engine landing plum on her torso - in brilliant 3D - with blood and shit flying out of the screen at you. It really is that sort of "entertainment".

So as long as you're not expecting anything clever or high quality, and you're willing to spend that extra penny on 3D Glasses at the cinema, you're likely to pass a very silly and enjoyable hour and a half. On the other hand, if you like your films with a story that makes sense, and characters with substance, and you don't get a vicarious thrill from seeing people getting exploding nails driven into their skulls, then this isn't the film for you.

Otherwise, sit back and enjoy!


  1. I nearly fell off my chair in disbelief. Just goes to show you shouldn't prejudge movies!

  2. Don't get me wrong, the actual movie was shite! The premise was stupid, the acting was stupid, the ending was stupid - it was utterly pointless.


    I pissed myself so many times at the horrible ends people faced! I think it was meant to be scary or something, but actually, it was hilarious! Funny voyeuristic gore in shocking 3D. Sure it leaves you with a wee headache, but that's partly from laughing so hard.

    Mrs Plainview liked it too, but found it more shocking than funny. Women eh?