Tuesday, September 05, 2023


MEG 2: THE TRENCH is a piss-poor dull AF action movie sequel that delivers zero wow-action moments and zero humour. I was hoping for some silly mindless "Jason Statham beats up a giant shark" nonsense. I love The Stath. Instead I was trapped for over an hour in a pitch-black sea scape as our group of shark-haters tried to get back to the surface. It gave me Titan Submersible heebie-jeebies. Too Soon! They squabble and quibble and half of them don't make it but we don't care. And to literally nobody's surprise it turns out that the massive corporation funding the research is EEEEVILLL. Hence Sienna Guillory doing a Parker Posey impression with a side-order of Cruella DeVill.  But I still had hope. Once we got to the ocean's surface I was all ready for the giant shark to eat dumb fat tourists and some White Lotus style social satire. But no. The writers aren't witty enough for the social satire and yes some people get eaten but way not enough.  It's so weird thinking that director Ben Wheatley used to make weird low budget black and white historical horrors like A FIELD IN ENGLAND. For my money he has produced progressively worse films the larger the budget he has been given.  Let it end.

MEG 2: THE TRENCH has a running time of 113 minutes and is rated PG-13. It opened in early August.

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