Monday, October 02, 2023


is the latest music-themed romantic drama from writer-director-composer John Carney (ONCE). I wasn't entirely convinced by that film, and even less so by this one. Nepo baby Eve Hewson stars as foul-mouthed single-mum Flora who gifts her light-fingered son a second-hand guitar. He proves more interested in creating shit rap songs on Apple's Garage Band in a scene of crass product placement that sounded like something Goldie Looking Chain would pen as a spoof.  So Flora takes the online guitar lessons herself, being tutored by Joseph Gordon Levitt's LA-based songwriter. Predictably, their online lessons are soon shown without the Zoom framing device and they are sharing romantic song-writing dates in the same frame. We roll toward a mawkish finale and I was still semi-hopeful we'd at least get a good final song out of it, as we did with ONCE. But no such luck.

FLORA AND SON is rated R and has a running time of 97 minutes. The movie played Sundance and Toronto 2023 and was released on Apple+ this weekend.

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