Tuesday, August 08, 2006

THE ANT BULLY - inferior kids flick

THE ANT BULLY is an inferior animated kids movie that comes neither from Pixar nor Dreamworks. It features worse digital animation and scripting than we have come to expect, although still filling the celebrity voice-over quota - this time with Nic Cage, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep and Paul Giamatti. The movie is written and directed by John A. Davies, the cinematic powerhouse (!) that gave us JIMMY NEUTRON: BOY GENIUS. The idea is that a little kid is being bullied at school and he in turn vents his frustration by bullying ants in his garden. By a strange turn of fate, he himself becomes ant-size and learns all those valuable life lessons that we expect from a kids flick, like Communism is Good! Wait a minute....

If you're a desperate parent THE ANT BULLY might suffice, but if you can you should take your kids Iunless they're really small) to see MONSTER HOUSE instead.

THE ANT BULLY is on release in the US, Israel and the UK. It opens in France, Singapore, Argentina and Taiwan on August 10th; Portugal and Venezuala on August 17th; Greece and Iceland on the 31st; Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and Italy in September; Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Japan in October.

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