Thursday, August 17, 2006

MONSTER HOUSE - awesome kids horror flick

MONSTER HOUSE is a great new digitally animated movie for kids. It knocks the socks off formulaic bilge like OVER THE HEDGE and THE ANT BULLY. And while CARS may have more substance, MONSTER HOUSE has way more thrills and is shorter by about forty-five minutes, which sits nicely with the ADD generation. It was directed by a guy called Gil Kennan and is apparently his first film. Alls I can say is that for a newbie he has a great visual style. Kudos also the the script-writers, artists and actors who have come up with a genuinely funny and scary movie that has a definite Goonies vibe (one of my all-time fave flicks). I can highly recommend it, especially in 3D, which is always fun for kids and for those of us with a mental age of six.

But the big thing you have to remember is that this movie IS scary. Within the first five minutes the mean old man across the street who scares all the kids has a heart attack and dies on a kid. The kid in question - our hero DJ - believes that the old man's house is haunted and with his two friends sets off to investigate. The house swallows people whole, is genuinely creepy and the final sequence involves loud bangs as stuff is blown up with dynamite. Now, imagine being a young kid faced with all this and in 3D. So parents of really young kids, be warned. All others, buy your tickets today!

MONSTER HOUSE is currently on release in the US and UK. International release dates can be found

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