Monday, August 28, 2006

JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE - weak teen chick flick

JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE is a rather nasty teen chick flick in which three airheads con a cheating heart-throb into falling for a geek they made-over, just to break his heart. It's pretty formulaic and the marketing is especially cynical - heavily using Myspace. But, in it's favour, the tween market get to see Ashanti as the HEAD cheer-leader and Jesse Metcalfe (the buff gardener from DEPSERATE HOUSEWIVES) wearing nothing but a thong. There are a couple of weak laughs and of course a Moral (Be Yourself and Don't Lie to Sleep with Girls or Boys.) But on the whole, this is definitely one of the lamer offerings of the summer, and no way near as funny or feel-good as SHE'S THE MAN. Oh yes, and if you have a problem with your off-spring hearing jokes about STDs and oral sex, you should stage an intervention.

JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE is currently on release in Puerto Rico, the US, Sweden and the UK. It opens in Germany on September 14th, Hungary, Brazil and Finland on October 20th. It opens in France on November 15th and Germany on December 7th. JTMD finally rolls into the Netherlands and Norway in January 2006 and Belgium in February 2007.

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