Saturday, January 07, 2006

LASSIE - cute but just for kids

Yes, yes, I know. To my eternal shame, I went to see LASSIE. But in my defence, I had to take my god-daughter to the flicks, and in the interests of protecting her cinematic intergrity, Narnia was a no-no. Well, folks, what can I say? It's a great film! Set in post-WW2 we have a straightforward remake of the original Lassie story: poor family sells dog to rich Laird, dog gets homesick, has eventful journey home. There are no insider-jokes for the adults, so unless you have to take a kid, this is not for you. But adults do at least get a stirling cast - notably Peter O'Toole, who is looking more Jeffrey-Bernard-ish every day, Kelly MacDonald and Samantha Morton - and the kind of luscious photography as one would expect from the man who directed Brideshead Revisited. So all in all, if you have a kid and a spare 90 minutes, you could do worse.

LASSIE is on general release in the UK. It goes on release in France n the 6th July 2006. There is no US release date as yet.

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