Thursday, April 27, 2006

INSIDE MAN - a solid thriller

This review is posted by guest reviewer, Professor007: Who would have thought that yet another flick about a bank robbery can come up with so many new turns and twists? After a hard day’s work, I went there with the mindset of addicting myself to a well-done but 100% predictable story. But already Clive Owen's cool introductory monologue indicates this it ain’t gonna be as obvious as one might have thought. And indeed, quickly a funky story unfurls, with everybody running around in Phantom-of-the-Opera-esque masks, and the police being led up the garden path repeatedly. In a nutshell: solid entertainment for a good two hours. Only downside is the lack of hot chicks. You can’t have it all.

INSIDE MAN is on global release.


  1. I found it an "okay" thriller, elevated by superior acting and the fact that it is more "talky" than most thrillers, but brought down by some silly plot holes - like why didn't the Christopher Plummer character just get rid of a certain object? Also,while there were some nice Spike Lee touches, I always feel a bit sad when I don't get a hardcore Spike Lee joint. Well, if directing this kind of stuff means he can finance his Katrina documentary, then all's well that end's well.

  2. Plumber may be a tool, but more irritating was the Jodie Foster character. Just why?