Friday, September 14, 2007

SHOOT 'EM UP - more laughs than SUPERBAD

Guns don't kill people! But they sure help.Proving that I'm not a completely pretentious old fogey after my bad experience of SUPERBAD, here's a positive review of SHOOT 'EM UP. Now SHOOT 'EM UP is a vacuous, derivative, implausible, puerile, borderline misogynistic piece of glorified video gaming. But it sure blows out the cobwebs after a hard week in the office! The violence is so stylised and hillarious - how many ways can you kill a guy with a carrot? - that the movie feels more like a live-action cartoon than a real movie. You just HAVE to admire the balls-out ridiculousness of it all! The plot is simple. Clive Owen semi-spoofs his standard role as an ordinary sort of guy who gets swept up in larger events. He's a bum who likes carrots and whores and has a previous life as a crack-shot special ops agent. One day he happens across a heavily pregnant woman who's being hunted down by some nasties and does the right thing. There's no point getting into an involved critique of this film. You just have to decide early on whether you're going to go with or not. I did, and I had a great, if utterly forgettable, time.

SHOOT 'EM UP is on release in the US and UK. It opens in France, the Philippines, Germany, Iceland and Singapore later in September. It opens in Belgium, the Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, Finland, Spain and Sweden in October. It opens in Brazil, Norway, Estonia and Slovenia in November.

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