Friday, September 21, 2007

A MIGHTY HEART - good as far as it goes

A MIGHTY HEART is based on Mariane Pearl's memoirs about the kidnapping and murder of her husband, American journalist Daniel Pearl, in Pakistan in 2002. Director Michael Winterbottom and DP Marcel Zyskind perfectly capture the chaos of Karachi on hand-held DV. Winterbottom also gives Jolie a chance to show off her acting skills for the first time since GIRL, INTERRUPTED. However, the director chooses not to examine the causes and motivations of the terrorists and only hints at the complex politics of US-Pakistani relations. What we are left with then, is simply a police procedural, and one is which we already know the tragic outcome at that. Moreover, aside from Jolie and Irrfan Khan in a supporting role, I thought the supporting cast was pretty weak.

A MIGHTY HEART played Cannes 2007 and was released in the USA, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Slovakia earlier in the year. It opens in the UK today. It opens in Mexico on September 28th, in Singapore, Norway, Australia, Turkey, Brazil, Estonia, Sweden in October. It opens in Italy and Japan in November.

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