Tuesday, September 09, 2008

CASHBACK - worked better as a short

CASHBACK is a visually stylish, low-budget British art-flick by Sean Ellis. It's based on an Oscar-nominated short that is provocative, weirdly funny and tightly structured. Sean Biggerstaff plays an art student who dumps his girlfriend and then can't sleep. So, to kill time, he takes a job working nights in a supermarket, where he wrily comments on his fellow in-mates and visualises all the shoppers naked, as in life-drawing class.

In this full-length movie, the fiscally prudent Ellis has used all the footage from his short, and padded it out with extra storylines and more fantasy nudity. Personally, I feel the extreme, bizarre style of the original worked best as a short and that the nocturnal imaginings seem leery when populating a full length film.

CASHBACK played Toronto 2006 and opened in Belgium, France, Israel, Canada, Bulgaria, South Korea, Turkey, Greece, Hong Kong, Sweden, the Netherlands, Australa, the USA, Singapore and Denmark in 2007. It opened in Japan, Spain, Mexico, Portugal and the UK earlier this year. It is now on release in DVD.

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