Wednesday, September 03, 2008

PRIVATE PROPERTY / NUE PROPRIETE - the dangers of parenting without boundaries

Isabelle Huppert plays another of those intense, stubborn, sexually transgressive characters at the centre of a fucked up family relationship. This time she is a bitter divorcee living in a lavish country house with her two twenty-something lay-a-bout sons. She parents them without boundaries - showering in the same room with them, asking them for comments on her lingerie, allowing their adolescent demands to put a freeze on her social life. When she finally decides to break free - getting a lover and proposing to sell the house - she forces the boys to a moment of crisis - violent and savage.

It's a gripping drama thanks to a sharp script, strong central performances and the oppressive, claustrophobic photography of the country house. Most of all, the film-makers create a brooding, fatalistic atmosphere that is sickening.

PRIVATE PROPERTY played Venice and Toronto 2006 and was released in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, the USA and Greece in 2007. It was released in Argentina and the UK earlier this year and is currently on release in Germany. PRIVATE PROPERTY is available on DVD.

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