Wednesday, October 08, 2008


KING OF CALIFORNIA is a rather harmless, whimsical story of the relationship between a responsible-before-her-time teenager and her sporadically mentally-ill father. The daughter, played by Evan Rachel-Wood, is basically a good kid, who panders to her father's delirious dream of finding Spanish gold buried beneath - of all places - a big-box grocery store. After all, in a world of convention and dull consumerism, isn't it far more fun to go with the crazy idea? Michael Douglas clearly has a whale of a time in a wild beard and an even wilder physical performance. But for all the warm-feelings aroused by this indie comedy, I couldn't help but want a tighter script and plotting. The movie washed over me - it was pleasant enough - but not particularly memorable.

KING OF CALIFORNIA played Sundance and Toronto 2007 and was released in France, the US, Germany, Hungary and Austria last year. It was released in Israel, Argentina, Italy and Spain earlier this year and went straight to DVD in the UK.

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