Wednesday, December 03, 2008

YUVRAAJ - piss-poor Bollywood melodrama slash RAINMAN rip-off

They're gonna give daddy the Rainman suite, you dig that?YUVRAAJ is an unwatchable movie from Subash Ghai - one of Hindi cinema's most unreliable directors. He's made iconic movies like TAAL and even the recent, earnest political drama BLACK AND WHITE but he's also made some complete stinkers.

YUVRAAJ (Hindi: "prince") is about a cock-sure arsehole (Salman Khan) who wants to marry a rich cellist (Katrina Kaif). Her father forbids the match until this waste of space makes some money. So our "hero" decides to team up with his playboy younger brother (Zayed Khan) and exploit their third brother (Anil Kapoor) - an autistic, musical genius who just happens to have inherited their father's fortune.

The movie is superficial and glitzy and at times seems like little more than an advert for Austrian tourism. Katrina Kaif, Salman Khan and Zayed Khan are poor actors, the script is cumbersome and ridiculous, and poor Anil Kapoor is stuck in a role that is absurd. He's the only reason to see the movie, and believe me he's not reason enough. As for A.R.Rahman's score - it's a real embarassment. Apart from the songs "Tu meri dost hain" and "Mastam mastam", the numbers are over-worked, bombastic and truly poor quality.

Movies like DOSTANA - for all their compromises - are moving Bollywood forward. Movies like YUVRAAJ set it back by around a decade. Avoid at all costs or waste two and half hours pondering the strange life of Salman Khan's hair-line and Anil Kapoor's collection of haute couture lapel pins.

YUVRAAJ went on global release on November 21st.

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  1. YUVRAAJ was a beautiful movie and the fact the critic Bina007 did not find so including AR Rehman;s music says
    how poor the judgement is of the critic himself.