Friday, June 12, 2009

THE HANGOVER - dude, where's my groom?

THE HANGOVER is basically a rip-off of the Ashton Kutcher vehicle, "Dude, Where's My Car?". Except this time, the drunken idiots are a thirty-something bachelor party in Vegas and they've misplaced the groom, stolen Mike Tyson's tiger, and gotten married to a hooker. The morning after they have to piece together the events of the night before, rescue the groom and get him to the church on time.

Problem is that THE HANGOVER is only sporadically funny in a "mild chuckle" manner. Sure, the fat, weird guy is funny to look at, but mostly because he reminded me of THE BIG LEBOWSKI. And dear god, do we really want to milk comedy out the drunken-hooker-marriage plot? A Mike Tyson cameo is utterly wasted and after a while, I really started to miss the superior comic stylings of Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn et al. Overall, while I didn't have a bad time watching the film, it's certainly nowhere near the level of raucous hilarity of ROLE MODELS. Neither does it have the genuinely affecting camaraderie of PINEAPPLE EXPRESS.

The best things I can say about THE HANGOVER, is that it is definitely funnier than Todd Philips' efforts like SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS. And second, that Ken Jeong is screamingly funny in his cameo.

THE HANGOVER is on release in the USA, Canada, Iceland, Australia, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Slovakia, the Ukraine and the UK. It opens next weekend in Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Estonia, Italy and Norway. It opens on June 24th in Finland, France and Sweden. It opens on July 10th in Denmark, Romania and Turkey. It opens on July 24th in Germany and Austria and on July 30th in the Czech Republic, Israel and Malaysia. It opens on August 7th in Bulgaria and South Africa. It opens on August 14th in Argentina and Spain and on August 28th in Brazil.


  1. K, let me put you right here:

    (a) Role models was gay. It barely made me laugh once. It was rancid, dumb and humourless (shame, because the characters had some potential). Superbad was so so much better.

    (b) The fat guy was actually funny, and you didn't even mention the little chinky bloke who was v cool. The baby was massively cute too, and actually pulled in an amazing performance in the first 20 minutes.

    (c) The film is well worth a watch - it was funny if forgettable - the ending was fitting and the characters distracting and worked well together.

    Saying that, it's definetely not worth a sequel, which I predict will such enormous balls.

  2. Re-tard,
    a) I might have taken your criticism of Role Models seriously had you not praised the unfortunately titled Superbad

    b) Maybe you were diverted by the fact that I referred to the inestimably talented Ken Jeong by name, rather than as "the chinky bloke"

    c) It was totally derivative and utterly predictable (I realised he was on the roof at the mattress scene) and utterly wasted the comedic potential of a Tyson cameo. Shame on themm

    d) This movie has taken too much money not to have a sequel.

    Peace out

  3. Sorry, I get confused when people don't use offensive racist nomenclature for people of non-caucasian origin.

  4. Really. Really!?!? Dude, where's my car? It's a ripoff because they both lost something? Is the super bowl a ripoff of the olympics because they both are competing? Is Fog of War a ripoff of Apocalypse Now since they're both about war? Find a better hook.