Sunday, August 10, 2014


THE INBETWEENERS was that rare thing - a hugely commercially and critically successful TV adaptation.  And with its commercial success comes the inevitable sequel.  But against all odds, THE INBETWEENERS 2 is as funny, if not funnier, than the original! And as usual, there's a lot of wry social commentary amid the poo jokes.

As the movie opens, our four protagonists have left high school and have finished their first year at college, or working. The motor-mouth ultimate Lad, Jay (James Buckley) has gone to Australia to chase after his ex, although of course, in one of the funniest movie openings ever, he plays it like he doesn't care about her at all and is having an amazing time shagging lots of girls. Nice guy Will (Simon Bird) decides to go visit him to escape his massively annoying but scary girlfriend who he ends up accidentally getting engaged to her over Skype. Will is joined by the nice but dim Neil (Blake Harrison) and neurotic Will (Simon Bird) who ditches his mates for the posh Gap year students he meets Down Under.

The plot sees the boys travel around Oz, dealing with the usual bullies, popular kids and manipulative girls. The writers, Damon Beesley and Iain Morris, poke a lot of fun at the absurdity of identikit posh kids travelling around Asia-Pac to supposedly find themselves on exactly the same route as everyone else. We also get some nice gags at the expense of Aussie cliches, like the ultra macho men. But what I really love is that this seemingly random holiday does have a purpose, and as usual it's to allow the boys to grow and learn. And although there is always an emotional pay-off it's never incredible. So, to avoid spoiling the ending, let's just say the writers don't let a need for Hollywood style schmaltz ruin a darkly, bitingly funny movie.

I don't know what else to say but that you should see this movie. It's hilarious. Both physically funny, scatalogically funny, and with biting social satire. I hope they make a third.

THE INBETWEENERS 2 has a running time of 96 minutes and is rated 15 for very strong nudity, sex references, and very strong language. The movie is on release in the UK and Ireland. It goes on release in Malta on August 20th, in Australia on August 21st, in New Zealand on August 28th, in Germany and Austria on October 30th, in Estonia on November 14th and in Russia on December 4th.

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