Friday, May 25, 2007


It says a lot for the advance and acceptance of the gay rights cause that we can now have queer cinema that's as formualic, trite, saccharine and basically piss-poor as your average Richard Curtis flick. The Nina of the title is an Asian twenty-something lesbian who left her family back in Glasgow. She returns for her father's funeral to learn that he gambled away the family restaurent. Her only hope is to win a televised national cooking contest. The movie wears its PC credentials on its sleeve: there's an Asian kid-sister who yearns to be a highland dancer, a Bollywood-aspirant transvestite, and of course the central Asian-Scottish lesbian love affair. The dialogue and love scenes are stilted and awkward, the humour weak and sporadic, and the denouement as ridiculous as that of NOTTING HILL. The acting - from a largely unknown cast of Brits - is uniformly wooden. The most shocking thing is that this glib rom-com was penned by Andrea Gibb, the writer behind the infinitely more challenging and mature Scottish drama, DEAR FRANKIE.

NINA'S HEAVENLY DELIGHTS opened in the UK in November 2006 and opens in the US in November 2007. It is available on DVD.

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