Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Random DVD round up 1: MR BROOKS

Careful with that axe, Eugene!Mr Brooks (Kevin Costner) is a well-respected successful businessman, with a beautiful wife, a beautiful house and a beautiful car. He also gets off on killing people - a genetic trait he has apparently passed on to his beautiful daughter. The resulting movie plays less as a scary psycho-thriller than sympathy for a serial killer. After all, if adulterers can be re-cast as sex addicts, Mr Brooks isn't a criminal so much as a victim of his uncontrollable urges. Shorn of its pyschological edge, MR BROOKS descends into a satistifying if unmemorable CSI style police procedural. Demi Moore is fine in the smart cop role and William Hurt's role as Mr Brooks' personal devil offsets the inherent incredibility of Dane Cook's performance as a fetishistic photographer.

MR BROOKS has already been released in Argentina, Turkey, the US, Bulgaria, Russia, France, Poland, Sweden, Israel, Greece, Norway, Denmark, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, Kuwait, Chile, France, South Korea, Panama, the Netherlands, Brazil, Finland, Iceland, Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. It is now showing in the UK and opens in Belgium on October 17th, Germany on November 29th and Spain on December 5th.

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