Saturday, July 14, 2007

BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE - werewolf tale as bland & sappy as day-time TV

BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE is a banal sappy love story set amidst a back-drop of were-wolf lore. Despite the marketing, there is precious little blood, gore, horror or action. (And what there is features a very wet Hugh Dancy trying to look hard with a gun.)

Agnes Bruckner plays Vivian - a teenage werewolf with an American accent living in....wait for it....contemporary Bucharest! She hangs with a bunch of annoying British public-school boys/werewolves in wannabe-cool underground clubs. Vivian has been "promised" to Oliver Martinez' sleazy French ueber-werewolf but is falling for Hugh Dancy's wet (and inexplicably American) graphic novelist. Conveniently, said wet-boy has an in-depth knowledge of were-wolf lore. Cue some unbelievably wet falling-in-love montage shots from uninspired director Katja von Garnier. There is some angst. Some more angst. Earnest little Vivian wonders whether she should "fulfil her destiny" as a hunter of men and play-thing of the sleazy henchman OR run away with the novelist. It's all very very forgettable.

BLOOD AND CHOCOLATE went on release in Russia, the US, Malaysia, the UK, Brazil, Iceland, Singapore, Greece, Portugal, Thailand, Poland, Latvia, Spain and Turkey earlier in 2007. It is now available on DVD.

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