Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MATERIAL GIRLS - feeble teen rom-com

MATERIAL GIRLS is a feeble teen rom-com vehicle originally intended for the Olsen twins but eventually starring Z-list stand-ins, Hilary and Haylie Duff. They play spoilt brats who lose a fortune but prove remarkably adept at winning it back. The lead actesses - apparently famous in the US - are not talented actresses, and thanks to some freakish make-up and hair-dos, they don't even appeal on a purely superficial level. It is embarassing to see Brent Spiner, Angelica Huston and Lukas Haas in supporting roles. Finally, Martha Coolidge's direction is ham-fisted and simple-minded. It is best suited to kids' TV serials and features some especially clumsy split-screen shots.

MATERIAL GIRLS was released in spring 2007 and is now available on DVD.

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