Monday, September 11, 2006

BEERFEST - ceci n'est pas une revue

I just couldn't bring myself to watch BEERFEST despite being offered free tickets. It's apparently a gross-out comedy from the maker of the god-awful DUKES OF HAZZARD remake. So, I guess if DUKES OF HAZZARD did not make you want to gauge out your eyes, you could give BEERFEST a go. But before you do, let me quote from the review printed in the Chicago Sun-Times: "Nothing works here. The script is less than juvenile -- and totally nonsensical. The acting is atrocious. There's no decent comedic timing -- which is somewhat of a problem for a comedy, don't you think? The entire time I watched this film, I felt I was merely observing a bunch of self-absorbed frat boys who got drunk, wrote a 'script,' got some clueless Hollywood suits to cough up the cash to make it, turned on a camera and then forgot to hire an editor to properly finish the whole thing." I'd also like to point out that for the price of a cinema ticket in the West End plus soda and popcorn you could actually fly to Munich next month and feel that old-school Bavarian beer-induced party yourself.

Should you have learned nothing from watching THE DUKES OF HAZZARD, you may watch BEERFEST in a theatre near you in the US or the UK. Australia, Ireland and Germany feel the pain on September 28th and the Netherlands gets a dose of the cinematic equivalent of the clap on October 12th.


  1. It wasn't a great film but it was a funny film and certainly didn't deserve the scathing critique its been getting. It was an order of magnitude better than Nacho Libre. How else are you meant to do gross out humour?

  2. @Anonymous. If you want to write a review for this site email me at

    On how else to do gross out - American Pie managed to be sweet as well as crude, and Van Wilder was really funny. I also really liked Harold & Kumar go to Whitecastle....

  3. harold and kumar get the munchies is class in a glass

  4. "...Van Wilder was really funny."

    Now you've lost all credibility as a critic in my eyes lol