Friday, September 29, 2006

CLICK - even The Hoff can't save it

The best clothes are in Berlin, aren't they. Black boots, leather belts. Click your heels, Givens. Click, click, click. Chris Rock: Bigger & Blacker (1999) (TV) CLICK is a movie so lazy and depressing that even the presence of schmoove eighties icon, David Hasslehof, cannot save it. It is written by the guys behind the mediocre Jim Carrey starrer, BRUCE ALMIGHTY. (You know, the movie where god, in the form of Morgan Freeman, gave Bruce his godly powers, only for Bruce to zap his girldfriend's tits to make them bigger. Bruce messes his whole life up by making selfish choices and then god sorts it all out again.) Well, these script-writers are such unashamed hacks that they have actually bitten their own style by recycling the concept for Adam Sandler. I don't know about you, but I find it rather depressing that god has been replaced with a universal remote control in this version. Of course, workaholic Sandler uses it for ill - to bypass his family commitments in search of a job promotion - and then the whacky inventor Morgan Freeman, sorry, Christopher Walken, sorts it out. It's all very formulaic. Adam Sandler and his co-star Kate Beckinsale are painfully mediocre. And no doubt it will take a shed-full of cash at the UK box office just on the back of our nostalgia for THE WEDDING SINGER, men wanting to get an eyeful of Beckinsale and the sheer lack of anything better to do. A deeply depressing state of affairs. Was PUNCH-DRUNK LOVE just a dream?

CLICK is on global release.

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