Saturday, July 20, 2013


COFFEE TOWN is essentially a straight-to-video movie that deserves attention because its the feature directorial debut of Brad Copeland, a writer and producer on THE INBETWEENERS and ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT - some of the funniest comedies of the last decade. His first feature is is a low-budget caper comedy that almost fires but doesn't quite.  

The protagonist Will (Glenn Homerton - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) is a guy who works at his local coffee shop, baiting the coffee shop manager (Brian Huskey) and striking up a friendship with a couple of the regulars, including an ineffectual cop (Ben Schwartz - House of Lies). In between trying to woo Becca (Adriana Paliacki - Agents of SHIELD), the cop tells Will that the coffee shop is about to be sold to another business that is impressed by the area’s low crime rates. So the hapless friends decide to stage a robbery on the shop to dissuade the sale of the shop. The film has some nice only mildly funny scenes of friendly banter between the guys who hang out at the shop. I mean, it’s so mild you really do wonder if it’s even worth watching this film - you could just go to your local coffee shop and hang out with your own friends! Still, there are far worse films out there, even in this is still rightly a straight-to-video release.

COFFEE TOWN has a running time of 87 minutes.  The movie is on release in the USA.

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