Sunday, October 09, 2016

MINDHORN - BFI LFF 2016 - Day 5

Fans of Alan Partridge, HOT FUZZ and, of course, the insanely brilliant MIGHTY BOOSH are in for a treat with this new feature length comedy from BOOSH creators Julian Barratt and Simon Farnaby.  This British spoof/comedy is an hilariously funny 90 minutes of cinema - pastiching luvvie actors and cheesy 80s cop shows.  Barratt plays Richard Thorncroft, a washed-up actor who used to play a highly popular fictional detective called Mindhorn, back in the 80s.  When a delusional killer wants to speak only Mindhorn, the real-life cops have no choice but to call Thorncroft in.  A lot of the humour of the piece comes with the politically incorrect actor facing up to his failure, and meeting his old flame (Essie Davis) and acting rival (Steve Coogan) back on the Isle of Man.  But there's also some real heart in this movie, and the final scenes are actually quite touching.  And for Boosh fans, you get the added joy on Simon Farnaby playing some kind of dodgy Dutch stuntman who laughs at his own jokes.  

To sum up, this is a pretty uncomplicated movie - it's a classic British pastiche comedy. But the laughs are consistent and good and unexpected.  There's nothing not to like. 

MINDHORN has a running time of 89 minutes. The film played London 2016 and does not yet have a commercial release date.

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